Tuition & Fees

St. Paul Catholic School tuition rates, grades K-8, are among the lowest in the state. If you are members of one of the catholic parishes, tuition is subsidized by the parish. Simply set up an appointment to discuss tuition subsidization with your pastor. We now offer lower rates for student tuition that is paid in full by SEPTEMBER 10th . We also have lower rates for families with multiple children in our school, grades K-8. Payments may be made yearly, or monthly. Monthly payments (on a 10 or 12 month scale) are due by the 10th of each month. See our school secretary to set up a payment schedule. Currently, our rates are as follows:

*There is no registration fee.

Tuition Rates

$280.00 Monthly payments—10 month scale

$233.33 Monthly payments—12 month scale

$2,800.00 Yearly payment—5% discount if paid by September 10th

Multiple Child Discounts

$2,800.00 First child Full tuition

$2,520.00 Second child 10% discount

$1,400.00 Third child 50% discount

$ 0.00 Fourth child FREE

$ 0.00 Additional children FREE

Book Fee

Each year book fees are based on the cost of books and materials, both purchased and rented. Book bills must be paid by September 10th. The school reserves the right to hold report cards if tuition payments and/or book bills are not met as stated.

The book fee is $150 per student for the year.