Lunch Program

Hot lunches are available to students at a minimum cost of $2 per student per day. All students, unless he/she has a medical condition that requires food that the cafeteria cannot provide, are required to participate in this program due to the fact that it is not funded by the government. St. Paul Catholic School follows the Health and Wellness Policy as required by the Owensboro Diocese. This policy will offer students healthier choices for lunch to help in making healthier eating practices in their lives. The price of lunch includes one milk or juice with the lunch.

Lunch money is paid to the lunchroom bookkeeper, and records of paid lunches are kept. Lunches should be paid for by the week or month. Please pay lunch bill on Monday of each week if possible.

At no time during the lunch period are drinks allowed in the cafeteria. Since many children leave home early, snacks in the mornings are permitted. Snacks and juice may be purchased from school for 25c each or may be brought from home. We request that fruit or healthy snacks be brought for snack time. *Candy is not considered an appropriate snack.

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