Field Trips

Educational field trips may be taken to enhance classroom instruction. The permission of the principal/head teacher is required prior to making plans for the field trip. Field trips must depart and return to school within the hours of the regular school day, unless prior permission is granted due to the type and distance of the trip.

Field trips are a privilege. The principal/head teacher reserves the right to refuse any student participation in a field trip. Written permission is required for all field trips off of the school grounds. Students not having written permission will not be allowed to participate in the trip.

Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age, a parent, or guardian. The chaperone must also have completed the Safe Environment Class and have certification recorded in our office, as well as submitting to a background check.

Students, faculty, parents, chaperones, attending field trips are required to read and sign Catholic Schools Code of Conduct beforehand.

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